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If you have a question which is not
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question which is not answered here, please give one of our friendly team a call.

What differentiates these apartments from others?

The Edgewater on Hobsonville Apartments are close to the city of Auckland, but unlike inner city
apartments they are part of a more intimate lifestyle.
The building sits within established gardens and beside the historical Mill House and gardens.
Green open spaces and markets give a sense of community and a village like atmosphere.
Well designed paths link the building to a coastal walkway.

What are the apartments constructed with?

A combination of concrete, steel, timber and glass.

Are the apartments freehold?

Yes, so no ground rent to worry about.

Will there be any body corporate fees?

Yes, but through the selection and use of low maintenance materials and energy efficient fittings and
fixtures in common areas the fees will be kept as low as possible.

Will there be carparking onsite?

Yes, each apartment will have at least one car parking space onsite.

Is there any storage for sporting equipment within the complex?

Yes, each apartment will be allocated a storage locker in the lobby or lower car park. The storage locker
approximate dimensions are 1.2m x 1.2m by 2.6m high.

Is there a pool or gym within the building?


Will pets be allowed in the apartments?

Yes, small cats and dogs will be permitted provided they meet the rules of the Body Corporate.

When will construction start and how long will it take?

Construction of the apartments is likely to commence in mid 2017 and is expected to take
approximately 15 months.

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